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All of LIA's work is made possible by your support. Donations we receive are spent in protection of lives of non-human organisms and their surrounding environment, starting with the continuous work for the bright future of the animals at the mercy of human frivolity. Please make a donation today and be a part of the team!

LIA's work is only made possible by your generous support. Donations we receive enable us to save lives and ensure a brighter future for animals in need. Please make a donation today and be a part of the team!

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Website Operator NGO Life Investigation Agency
Operation Director Ren Yabuki
Telephone Number +81(0)90--1115-5988
Email Address
Payment Method Credit card and bank transfer
Donation Amount 【LIA Sponsorship(Monthly)】

①Monthly Support Program(Type A):1,000 yen/month

②Monthly Support Program(Type B):3,000 yen/month

③Monthly Support Program(Type C):5,000 yen/month

④Monthly Support Program(Type D):10,000 yen/month

⑤Monthly Support Program(Type E):30,000 yen/month

⑥Monthly Support Program(Type F):50,000 yen/month

⑦Monthly Support Program(Type G):100,000 yen/month

These fixed payments will be made automatically at the end of every month.
※Member cancellation
To cancel your membership, go to Inquiry page and give us notice at least two business days before the next payment transaction with your name and email address.
【LIA Campaign Support Program(pay for a cause)】

①Transportation cost for bringing out an animal from public healthcare facility:1,000 yen

②Food for sheltered animals for a day or water for a month:3,000 yen

③Medical checkup of a sheltered animal:5,000 yen

④Medical checkup of a sheltered animal for parvovirus, distemper virus, filarial infection, cat AIDS, and feline leukemia:10,000 yen

⑤Undercover investigation expenses for a day:20,000 yen

⑥Food for sheltered animals for 10 days:30,000 yen

⑦Undercover investigation expenses for 2 days:50,000 yen

⑧Food for sheltered animals for a month:100,000 yen

⑨Shelter house maintenance fees to increase animals' quality of life:150,000 yen

⑩One vaccination shot of all sheltered animals, or overseas undercover investigation expenses for 10 days :200,000 yen
No-Refund Policy Please keep in mind that no-refund policy applies once the payment is settled.

Privacy Policy

1. What Is Personal Information?
Personal Information is data that could be used to identify a specific living person (e.g. name, date of birth etc.)

2. Collection
We collect personal information from you for clearly stated purposes in an appropriate and fair method when you purchase products from us or make an inquiry on a web form.
Personal information we collect on this website are as follows.
a) Name
b) Home address
c) Telephone number
d) Email address
f) Information related to identification of a person by combining the data above

3. Use and Retention
We use the personal information we collect to:
a) contact you for confirmation of your donation
b) reply to your inquiry

We do not disclose your personal information to third parties without your explicit consent except for following parties and purposes:
a)To law enforcement or governmental agencies, or authorized third-parties in response to a verified request relating to any activity that may expose us or you to legal liability.
b)In cases where the disclosure of information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm or financial loss and it is difficult to obtain the permission from our users
c)To companies affiliated with the website operator to exchange personal data

4. Security Control
We protect your information using technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration in accordance with relevant regulations.

5. Correction and Deletion
You can notify correction and deletion of your personal information to the email address below.

6. Inquiry
NGO Life Investigation Agency Ren Yabuki

7. Changes to this Policy
We may amend Collection, Use or other terms in this Privacy Policy by posting the amended terms on this site.